Step 1

Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing straight ahead.


Step 2

Place hands on ground


Step 3

Kick legs back and drop down into a push up position.  Keep the hands below the armpits and keep the lower back from sagging down.








Step 4

Do a push up.  If unable to do a push up properly, skip this step or light drop the knees to the ground and do a push up from a modified position.







Step 5

In one quick motion bring the feet up towards the hands and place feet flat on the ground.  If unable hop both feet up at the same time, do one foot at a time.







Step 6

Swing the arms upward and jump straight up.  Land by pushing the hips back to avoid excess stress on the knees.  Repeat step 1 for the desired amount of reps or time.