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Guidelines for Exercise: Intensity, Inspiration, and Individualization

We are all over-exposed to workout advice from experts and gurus that flood Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and infomercials. How do we know who to follow and what exercise program to jump into? How do we find the thing that will finally work for us? Before you start a new routine or jump into a new workout fad, follow the 3 I’s of exercise: Intensity, Inspiration, and Individualization. There is no right or wrong program, but there is a better or worse program depending on your age, goals, capabilities, and experience.


The Only REAL Secret To Fitness

How many times have you read a similar headline to the one on this article? Hundreds? Thousands of times? Well I am here to tell you the only real secret. What is it? Consistency. Going to the gym and working out and eating the right amount of good foods is the only way to meet whatever fitness goal you have. You may be thinking “that is no secret at all.” I say it must be a secret because there are countless articles and products and programs that say you can lose weight or gain strength or meet any other goal by simply giving them money for a pill or a diet program or whatever else they are selling.


How do you Burn Fat?

The reason why so many people spend hours a week jogging or riding the elliptical is that they think it's the best way to lose fat. Stop believing that doing steady state cardio is the only way to lose fat. The truth is that you can do any type of physical activity and you will lose fat. How does this happen? Do you sweat out fat? Poop it out? Where does it go?