Goblet Squat

This version of a squat is an excellent way to help form proper moment patterns when squatting.  This movement can be performed with a kettlebell or dumbbell and is a great tool to use when a barbell is unavailable.  It can be used to help develop body awareness as well as quad, hamstring, glute and upper back strength and size. 


The Set up

Hold the weight firmly to the chest.  Engage the lats by holding your upper arms and elbows tight to the torso.  Your feet should be shoulder width or slightly wider.  Engage your abs and take a deep breath into your belly.


The movement

Descend towards the ground while holding the dumbbell or kettlebell close to the body and directly above the elbows.  Keep the knee tracking in line with the toes and the spine in a neutral position.  


Finishing the rep

Extend the knees and hips while squeezing the glutes back to the initial starting position to prepare for another rep.