Strengthening the quality of your life by strengthening your body

Ballatore Training was built in the heart of Gainesville, Florida by three passionate and experienced trainers. Since its opening in January 2018, Ballatore has strived to create a welcoming and supportive environment for people of all experience levels. Coaching methods are based on logic and reason with a  focus on training with a purpose.



Ballatore Training will provide programs focused on sustainability and accessibility in order to foster an environment where personal achievements are frequent and meaningful.

Our vision is to be a home for anyone that is willing to learn, develop healthy habits, and improve their life. It is our belief that proper training positively impacts mental health and benefits the body beyond appearance and physical gains. We want all of our clients to experience the improvement in quality of life that consistently inspires and motivates us to do what we do.

The Gym


At Ballatore you won’t find the fancy machinery and mirror lined walls that many come to expect when they think of a gym . Ballatore functions on a visually more simplistic and straightforward level, emphasizing barbells, weights, and whatever other training methods promise the most benefits to its clients. Limited equipment forces our trainers to fine tune their methods for strengthening the body and be creative and adaptable with their approach. Movement is the foundation and focus for our exercises, and weight is then incorporated in order to increase strength. The layout of the facility gives trainers the ability to oversee all clients and ensure proper technique and safety during workouts.


Training Options

Ballatore offers the option for both group classes and personal training. Our goal is to fit in to your schedule and give you the opportunity to train in a manner that is the most comfortable and beneficial to you.


Group Classes

Group classes provide an affordable alternative to personal training. Each client will follow a program that has been specifically designed and customized to meet their individual needs and ability, while training alongside a small group of supportive individuals. Every class is kept below 12 people and guided by one of our qualified coaches. Group classes are a great option for beginners with little-to-no experience who are looking to get stronger and learn in an encouraging and non intimidating environment. These classes are also extremely beneficial to more experienced athletes who want the opportunity to train with proper technique while consistently challenging themselves with heavier weight and volume.

Classes run between 45mins-1 hour and are held six times a day, Monday-Friday

Class times: 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, 12:00 PM,1:00 PM, 5:30 PM, and 6:30 PM

Rates for group classes are as low as $8.75/class (available at a monthly rate of $175/month)

Additional group conditioning workouts and training sessions are included and available to all clients on the weekends.

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Personal Training

Ballatore’s personal training program offers expert coaching and customized training to clients on a one-on-one level. Every training session will be designed with a goal and purpose, tailored specifically to the client. Our trainers teach clients what to do and  how to do it, while also providing insight into why they are doing it. Personal training is a good option for clients who have limiting health conditions or injuries, specialized fitness goals, demanding schedules, or a desire for a more personalized training approach.

Training packages start at $50/session

Additional group conditioning workouts and training sessions are included and available to all clients on the weekends.

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“I have been training with Ron, Josh, and Kelly for over 3 years now. Since I began consistently attending small group classes at Ballatore Training, I have seen significant improvements in strength and body composition in alignment with my goals. The emphasis at Ballatore's is to increase strength through proven methods while constantly striving to perfect form. I always feel like I am learning something new and trust the trainers completely. While more expensive than a standard gym membership, the value is unbeatable. I highly recommend reaching out to at least come check out the gym.”


“Ballatore Training is hands-down the top training center in Gainesville.The training programs are challenging and meant to push you to improve, but also accessible to people of all experience levels. The group classes are also small enough to allow plenty of one-on-one instruction - giving it a true personal training feel. This individualized attention has been key for me because I joined the gym with flexibility issues that impacted my technique. Ron, Kelly, and Josh have all worked closely with me over the last 8 months - constantly checking in on my form and making sure I wasn't compromising my back or shoulders while lifting. As a result, I have seen consistent gains in my flexibility and strength - even reaching my PR in several lifts (I have been lifting for over 25 years). This is a great gym with even better people running it - I highly recommend checking it out!”


“I can't speak highly enough of this place. The trainers are all incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging. Ron, Kelly, and Josh have created a great space that has allowed me to grow so much in the 8 months I have been there. I never thought I would be the sort of person who goes to the gym every day, but now I can't get enough of it. This place is the best!”