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Opened January 2018 by 3 trainers with a vision to create an environment where they coach with methods based in logic and reason. The trainers Ron Ballatore, Kelly Kochis, and Josh Gainer are fixing the flaws and misleading information that is portrayed by today’s fitness industry. They strive to teach everyone who walks through the door of Ballatore Training how to train with purpose. This facility is located on South Main Street and is by appointment only.

Ballatore Group Training


Our group classes have the goal of getting people stronger. The best way to get stronger is through the use of the classic barbell exercises- back squat, press, and deadlift. When these exercises are done with correct form they are the best options for developing total body strength, balance, and coordination for all ages. When you join our classes you will receive a customized training log. Beginners start light and work towards perfecting technique, while our more advanced trainees will be challenging themselves with heavier weights.

Our class sizes are kept to 12 people and below. This is to ensure that everyone who attends our classes receives the coaching they need to advance their level of strength the safest way possible.

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Ballatore Personal Training

We don't want to tell you what to do, we want you to know why you are doing it.  Every exercise and every training session will have a goal and purpose.  The information that's out there on exercise can be overwhelming.  How do you know you are training with correct form?  Are you doing the right exercise program to fit your goals?  With one on one personal training you will receive expert coaching and a customized training program on a schedule that fits your life.


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Our Training Programs


Strength and Calisthenics 12 Week Training Program

Light/Medium/Heavy 12 Week Training Program (Current Program)




Beef Stew

Replenish after a training session by eating a meal that sticks to your ribs.

Overnight Oats

10 mins of prep, a full weeks worth of joy. Enjoy!



Our Location

618 South Main Street Suite B
Gainesville, FL 32601
United States



(352) 562-9779


What time do you hold your group classes?

Our group classes are held Monday through Friday at 6 AM, 7 AM, 1 PM, and 5:30 PM

How long do your classes usually last?

45 min to one hour

Are you guys like CrossFit?


What are the prices of your group classes?

Our classes are $150/month for unlimited classes. The hardest part of any training program is staying consistent long enough to form a habit. Our training programs are designed for you to come to class five days/week. The more classes you attend, the faster you will see results.

How much does your personal training cost?

Our personal training packages start at $50/session.